Screenshot of Fatou Cissé and Dominika Rau duet

“Danser Ensemble…” final project film

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QR Code for film audio description

At last – it’s out – enjoy!

Danser ensemble dans le même bateau avec de l’eau et du vent – Dancing together in the same boat with the water and the wind

Go Digital collaboration project supported by the British Council (Wales), co-created in partnership by The Successors of the Mandingue (Wales) and CIE Fatou Cisse (Senegal).

“Danser ensemble…” is the representation of a series of online encounters between Wales and Senegal based contemporary dance artists exploring their dislocated connections by finding and creating shared vocabularies.

To find out more about the project see our project pages:

Danser ensemble dans la même bateau avec de l’eau et du vent

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