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Exciting News!!!

Want to perform with a live band? We have exciting news for you, with an amazing opportunity to experience performing with the new Successors Collective BIG band.

We’re calling on all vocalists, singers, rappers, and musicians, to come and jam and try out with Successors Collective.

Successors Collective is a new band concept where we’re bringing together artists to create a new Afro-Welsh jazz funk sound with hip hop vibes added to the mix.

We’re launching with our first gigs at the Dathliad Cymru-Affrica festival events in August and November across three sites: Newport in Pembrokeshire, Cardiff, and Bethesda.

In this time before the festivals, we will be hosting weekly jam sessions bringing a wide range of musicians together to share the spirit and love of music and to form the Collective.

The idea is to have a pool of artists that can swop in and out between gigs and during the same set, creating the Collective vibe.

Successors Collective will become a HOUSE BAND formed and developed through the weekly jam sessions!

Here’s the contact details for anyone who’s interested:
WhatsApp: 07840160155 or email: