Adi Detemo

Adi Detemo head shot
Adi Detemo festival promo picWe are so happy to have Adi Detemo joining us in both Bethesda and Cardiff to deliver Ethiopian dance workshops.
Ethiopian dance is characterized by its energetic and upbeat style, incorporating intricate hand, shoulder and foot movements, fluid and expressive body movements, and rhythmic beats. The dances often tell stories, celebrate cultural traditions, or express emotions.
Traditional Ethiopian dances include the Eskesta, a fast-paced dance that involves lively hand and shoulder movements and strong beats and the Gurage dance, a group dance that features synchronized movements and intricate footwork.

Bookings and timings for the festival workshop programmes in Bethesda and Cardiff are now available at: with discounts available for festival ticket holders. Workshops include djembe drumming, West African dance, and Ethiopian dance.

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