Agmar Band

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Correct Agmar Band festival promotion pictureAgmar Band is the brainchild of musician Hassan Nainia who hails from the Sous region of southern Morocco. They play a fusion of North African traditional music, mostly Amazigh (Berber), using the traditional Amazigh instruments the Loutar and banjo. After a career spanning decades in Morocco, Hassan is now also noted in the UK for collaborating on the Jah Wobble & MoMo Project 2018 album – Maghrebi Jazz and performing with Senegalese kora player Diabel Cissokho.  

Amazigh (Berber) music is an essential aspect of North African culture which Agmar Band fuse with Gnawa, Sahara and Arabic styles. The music expresses a rich cultural heritage and a celebration of life’s joyous moments. Contemporary musicians such as Hassan Nainia have begun popularising this unique sound to international audiences resulting in collaborations between different cultures using North African instrumentation, melodies and rhythms.

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