Blank Face

Blank Face whip hair photo

Blank Face festival promo pictureBlank Face is a musical canvas, who fuses different sounds like Hip Hop, Rnb, Grime, Trap Soul, Afro and Gospel. He believes in the idea of creating vibes and not genres and although predominantly a singer is a genre-less artist and so far no two songs are of the same genre.  He is particularly known for his quick lyricism and free styling capability and calls himself the “One Take God”.  Born and raised in Nigeria, Blank Face says he is influenced by his surroundings from Afro legends like Fela Kuti to mordern day influences across genres like Tay Iwar, Miguel, Masego, Anderson Paak, Logic and many others. The vast contrast in his artist influences along side his varying tastes have allowed him to create unique sounds that represent him as a true Blank Face.

The idea behind Blank Face’s pseudonym has a very artistic nature and represents “Freedom to Create”. Initially the concept was born in a small kitchen in Cathays, Cardiff.  The budding artist did not want people to judge his music based on his background, his looks, or his name. He wants to dissociate his art from his mundane activities.  He wants his fan base to focus on the art behind his sounds. He shows freedom by performing different genre style fusions and creativity with unique sounds that give a different vision to the meaning behind every song!  The mask represents the vision behind this concept and gives off a mysterious yet curious allure to theartist. A quote of his which gives a picture of his aims is: ” I just want to paint a canvas with different sounds as my colours to create a beautiful picture, won’t that be amazing!”

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