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Mfikela Jean Samuel painting

Mfikela Jean Samuel festival pictureMfikela Jean Samuel is a Contemporary Artist (Painter) from Africa of many pursuits.  This Contemporary Artist now resides permanently in North Wales. He has travelled for artistic exploits Across Europe and Africa. His paintings have been exhibited throughout the world in both public and private Galleries and other
cultural events. Many have described him as “a silent legend’’.  He has gradually and quietly crafted a place for himself in the annals of contemporary and modern arts. In recent years, he has graciously moulded himself as an articulate/eloquent public speaker, and his rhetoric mainly focuses on or around Creativity and Equality.  His Art pieces has witnessed a steady increase in admiration and demand in recent years. Private art collectors around the world are proud, delighted and satisfied to experience this artistic marvel. His primary medium is Oil Colours/Acrylic on Canvas.  

Liynyuy Mfikela first arrived Wales in 2014 when he came to do an MSC. in Bangor University of North Wales. After His success in his degree, he stayed and preferred to pursue his creative passion.  Mfikela Samuel’s Primary source of Inspiration comes from his African Cultural Heritage especially the ways of life of his lineage both past and present. His brush strokes, bold and vibrant colours depict the vast richness of his diverse Cultural story and heritage.

He is visibly proud of his culture and His roots. He sees and uses Visual art as a means of communicating his essence, Narrative, and story to the world. His art has however evolved due to the influence of North Wales in his life.  The great sceneries and landscapes of North Wales have captured his attention as seen in some of his works.

Some of his works can be seen in:


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