Taiye Omokore

Taiye Omokore festival picture

Taiye Omokore will be exhibiting photographs from two of his projects as part of Dathliad Cymru-Affrica’s visual art exhibition celebrating Africa in Wales.

1. Àjàlá the Traveller

Ajala Olabisi, a seasoned adventurer from Nigeria, is no stranger to the thrills of travel. His wanderlust has taken him to over 87 countries across the globe, each time with an unbreakable connection to his African heritage. One could say that Ajala is the ultimate embodiment of a cultural ambassador.

With every journey, Ajala makes it a point to don traditional African attire, a gesture that speaks volumes of his pride and love for his homeland. His clothing choices often attract curious stares and compliments from locals, providing an opportunity to share a bit of his culture and background with others.

But it’s not just the clothes that make Ajala a unique traveller. He also immerses himself in the local cultures, participating in dances, music, and food traditions wherever he goes. This not only allows him to learn more about the cultures he encounters but also helps him connect with people on a deeper level.

Ajala’s passion for travel and cultural exchange has earned him worldwide recognition, with features in major publications such as National Geographic, BBC, and The New York Times. He continues to inspire a new generation of travellers who seek to explore the world while staying rooted in their cultural identities.

The project highlights African immigrants in the UK who celebrate their heritage through traditional clothing, Ajala would undoubtedly applaud their efforts. He knows firsthand that no matter where life takes you, staying connected to your cultural roots is essential to maintaining a sense of belonging and identity.

Man in white attire, Zebra crossing: Olawale Ogunjimi

Man in black Agbada with the birds: Enoch Oladoja

Man in underground London Train: David Nenkam Okeemute

  1. My Jeans, My Everyday

As we go about our daily routine, we often don a trusty pair of denim pants to carry us from one destination to another. These ubiquitous blue jeans have captured the hearts of countless individuals worldwide, offering a blend of sustainability, sophistication, and comfort.

The impact of personal fashion choices on the environment cannot be overlooked, underscoring the importance of sustainable fashion practices in our modern era of climate change. By embracing sustainability across all sectors, particularly the fashion industry, we can make meaningful strides towards achieving Net Carbon Zero.

In pursuit of sustainable fashion, This project showcases a diverse array of jeans that embody a unique blend of individuality and style. Some of these jeans have been cherished for years, others have been repurposed from secondhand shops, while still others have been artfully crafted from recycled materials. Regardless of their origin, these jeans represent a bold statement of fashion-forward sustainability.

Barbers Salon

Name of model: Bradley Ayisi 

Model represented by: Emkai Models 

Salon: Capello Barbers 

Bradley Jeans From: Slow Rose Studio

Group of Girls

Names: Adjua, Aisha Kigs, Asha Jane, Plamedi Santima-Akiso, Lily, Bruna Garcia, Ify Iwobi, Samantha.

Jeans from: Flamingos vintage Cardiff

Location: The Sustainable Studio


Names: Zaid Armstrong, Caleb Valentin, Ahmad Sbeinati

Jeans from: Flamingos Vintage Cardiff

Website: www.taiyeomokore.com

Instagram: Klatphotography

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