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New Project Announcement

Planting the Seeds’ is a five-strong collective’s development phase Arts Council of Wales funded Connect and Flourish project that explores opportunities to empower African artists in Wales in their career development and in promoting and sharing their work and cultural traditions with diverse communities across Wales. The project will seek to create networks between artists in Wales, the UK, Europe, and the African continent to enable collaborations, fusions, and platforms that nurture talent and innovation within the diaspora and that engages a range of audiences in Wales.

This development project brings together a collective made up of five partners:

  • The Successors of the Mandingue
  • Butetown Arts and Culture Association (BACA)
  • Almamy Oumar Camara
  • Kobenawati
  • Neuadd Ogwen

Each share a desire to promote and share African arts, by:

  • creating meaningful employment opportunities for African artists in their specialist art forms,
  • bringing together disparate artists to collaborate on music/dance projects that enable greater cross-cultural understanding,
  • facilitating cultural education and exchange through community engagement.

This collective wants to use this development phase to co-create an ambitious programme, that will engage a large number of freelance artists and community groups (as well as further arts companies and venues).  What brings us together is a love of West African music and culture, and a passion for sharing this as an interactive experience, and a desire to integrate African arts practice and practitioners in Wales. If you are interested in getting involved – get in touch!

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