Celebrating African Culture Day flyer on a table at The Welfare, Ystradgynlais Djeliguinet on stage at The Welfare Ystradgynlais with Nfamady Kouyate and guests Salif Camara in red dancing on stage with Fatoumata Kouyate in the background playing the balafon Drumming workshop leaders, The Welfare, Ystradgynlais Person dressed in blue cloth, covering their head and face with walking stick, part of dance piece by BACA Fatoumata Kouyate Djeliguinet on stage with N'famady Kouyate and guests at The Welfare Ystradgynlais Dwndwr y Dŵr performance at The Welfare, Ystradgynlais Djeliguinet on stage playing balafon

Successors at the Eisteddfod and an African Celebration Day, The Welfare Ystradgynlais

Fatoumata Kouyaté ‘Djeliguinet’ arrived safely to the UK for the start of our Arts Council of Wales funded Dathliad Cymru-Affrica 2022 tour. Within 24 hours of touching down Fatoumata was performing to an enchanted audience at Eisteddfod 2022. 

Here she is showing some amazing djembe skills!

Then on Thursday 11th August we were in Ystradgynlais at The Welfare for African Celebration Day, where Fatoumata and our very own N’famady along with guests ran a dance and djembe workshop to a very enthusiastic and amazing audience, who got involved even in the very hot weather. There was Nigerian food, craft workshops for children and even a stage performance from Keith (BACA).

Uplifting and wonderful- Nelly, Swansea

Our partners over at BACA (Butetown Arts and Culture Association) showcased their beautiful Dwndwr y Dŵr performance and in the evening Fatoumata ‘Djeliguinet’ ended the day with a bang, dance and smile with a performance including two great dancers (Aida Diop and Salif Camara).

Invigorating– Tracy, Ystradgynlais

It really was a pleasure to see so many locals from Ystradgynlais and further afield come and join us in celebrating African dance and music.

It’s excellent, we didn’t know what to expect because we are older but its broadened our horizons, we loved the dancing and food– Bryan and Ruth, Glynneath

You can find details on the rest of Fatoumata Kouyaté’s Welsh tour here.