Ayoub & Ffion in traditional Moroccan & Welsh attire, sitting down

Artist Announcement: Ayoub and Ffion

Introducing Ayoub and Ffion!

Together Ayoub and Ffion created Moroccan/Welsh fusion song ‘Achkid Awa’. This innovative song harmonises Moroccan Amazigh, Darija, and Welsh languages, resonating as a cross-cultural masterpiece that bridges diverse artistic horizons, showcasing the beauty of unity in linguistic and creative diversity.

Ffion is a multidisciplinary artist and Associate Director of House Of Absolute. Born and raised in Wales, Ffion is Welsh speaking, non binary gender fluid with mixed Grenadian heritage. Originally trained dance professional, Qigong practitioner and vocalist, bringing holistic modalities into performance and ritual.

Ayoub Boukhalfa is a queer Moroccan singer known for Moroccan Chaabi music. He leads the Oasis One World Choir and sings with the Coronation Choir. He has worked with National Theatre Wales and Sherman Theatre. Recognised as a top emerging LGBTQ+ figure in Wales, Ayoub uses his music to promote inclusivity and support marginalised voices.