Ali Goolyad


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Ali Goolyad is a poet, actor and a community activist. Born in Hargeisa, Somaliland, Ali migrated to Wales aged 1. His previous work includes writing and performing in De Gabay, (National Theatre Wales), Border Game, Storm 2, Big Democracy Project (National Theatre Wales), Borderland (Radio 4), Talking Doorsteps (Roundhouse), Mattan Injustice of a Hanged Man (BBC), and Black and Welsh (BBC Wales). Ali is a collaborator at heart and loves the version of Welsh culture he creates.





Dafydd Iwan festival promo pictureA chance meeting between Ali and Dafydd in central Cardiff during the lead up to the World Cup ( and a connection with the lyrics of ‘Yma o Hyd’ sparked an interest in the potential for a musical/spoken word collaboration between these two very different proud Welshmen.

In Bethesda they will be performing live together on stage plus recording a film for a special screening at the Cardiff event followed by a spoken word workshop with Ali.






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