Krystal Lowe

Krystal Lowe
Krystal Lowe festival promo pictureKrystal S. Lowe is a Bermuda-born, Wales-based dancer, choreographer, writer, and director performing and creating dance theatre works for stage, public space, and film that explore themes of intersectional identity, mental health and wellbeing, and empowerment to challenge herself and audiences toward introspection and social change.
 Krystal is passionate about integrating access and exploring multilingual work with a specific focus on British Sign Language, Welsh, and English.
She has an extensive career performing and touring with Ballet Cymru throughout the United Kingdom, China and Bermuda; with Citrus Arts circus company, Ransack Dance, Theatr Iolo, The Successors of the Mandingue, and Laku Neg. As a freelance, self-producing artist she has performed for the National Gallery for ‘HOME zero’ created by: Love Ssega, commissioned by Nesta and National Gallery X and Music Theatre Wales Opera for Screen ‘Somehow’.

Aida Diop festival promo pictureDANCE FUSION COLLABORATION


Ballet Cymru meets Ballet Africains with this special festival commission bringing together Krystal Lowe (Wales based ballet and contemporary dance artist) and Aïda Diop (Senagalese traditional sabar dance specialist).  Both have previously been involved in separate The Successors of the Mandingue international dance collaboration projects previously.  Including projects that brought together both traditional West African and contemporary dance artists from Senegal and Wales together to create fusion pieces via Zoom.  We are really excited to see how this partnership develops by bringing Krystal and Aïda and their unique styles together in the same room!

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